Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Theater Department

Rutgers Actor Presentation 

Kristine Amarante

CymbelineQueenKirkpatrick ChapelDara Malina
Measure for MeasurePompeyShakespeares Globe (London)Simon Dormandy
Sense and SensibilityFannyRutgers Conservatory TheaterMalika Oyetimein
What feels to the HeartAyatThe BrickSarah Means
FaustLychenRutgers Conservatory TheaterChristopher Cartmill
Long Christmas DinnerLeonoraRutgers Conservatory TheaterDavid Dannenfilzer
P.E.SheilaRutgers Conservatory TheaterKevin Kittle
Pullman Car HiawathaDoctorRutgers Conservatory TheaterDavid Dannenflizer
The Other ShoreDevice MovementRutgers Conservatory TheaterDanielle Licardo
Henry VDuke of BourbonThe Gallery PlayersPadraic Lilles
STALKED (S2Ep13)Mya (Lead)Independent ID Channel
How to seduce difficult womenFeatureQuadrant Entertainment


Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts - MFA Acting 

Chair: David Esbjornson

Head of Acting: Barbara Marchant

Acting: Barbara Marchant, Kevin Kittle, William Carden

Voice & Speech: Dr. Heather Rasche, Nathan Crocker

On-Camera: Billy Serow, Pat McCorkle

Mask: Kathleen McNenny

Clown: Richard Crawford

Text: Christopher Cartmill

Movement: Danielle Liccardo

Audition Technique: Deb Jackel

Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare’s Globe in London

Acting: Federay Holmes, David Antrobus

Voice & Speech: Mary Howland

Singing: Joe Atkins

Text: Philip Bird, Dr. Farah Karim-Cooper, Peter Hamilton-Dyer, Patrick Spottiswoode

Movement: Anna Healey

Western Historical Dance: Huw Prall

Stage Combat: Jonathan Waller

Master Classes: The Factory Theatre, Giles Block, Gecko Theatre, Colin Hurley, Yoli Vasquez


Language: Filipino ( fluent in both Visaya and tagalog), Dance: aeriel silk (moderate), pole (moderate), Yoga (moderate-advance) bartender, Valid drivers license, Valid US Passport, Accents: (Filipino, British RP, Southern (rhotic and non rhotic), New York, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Chinese) Singing: Alto